Intelligent Controls

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      Time Programmers

      A series of matching time controls from the single channel simplicity of the ST6100A to the two channels of the ST6400 with heating and hot water independently timed and three switching times per channel per day for seven days.

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      Room Thermostat

      On the surface a beautifully simple design that blends unobtrusively into any colour scheme. Beneath it’s all quality and reliability with the close control that saves fuel by keeping the temperature in the bottom half of the comfort band. A necessary addition to every system if a time-only programmer is fitted.

      The benefit to a programmable thermostat is that you can run your heating 24 hours a day during the winter period.

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      Cylinder Thermostat

      This simply attaches to the outside of the cylinder where it gives complete control of the stored hot water system. Turn the knob to the water temperature you want. Or remove the knob and you have a childproof screwdriver adjustment.

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